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Bad Day

I had a bad day. I had a headache, stomach pains, and because of my brother's stupidity, had to listen to mum yelling the whole way to school. The thing that killed me most was that she said her children, plural, were purposely making decisions to fuck up their lives. That just set me up for a shit day.

There was other stuff, but I really cba to talk about it. It's past now, I just have to drink more water and hope I don't get too sick. I can't wait for camp on Monday, but on the same token, I want to drown myself. Why is it that I have to feel guilty for everything?

Gah, I need to eat to distract me or something.



Writer's Block: Going to Extremes

If you were in perfect shape (not to say that you aren't), what would be your extreme sport of choice?
Marathon-ing. I got an email that said if I was 18 and could run 5-10km comfortably, then I could get an all expenses paid trip to the US to meet P Diddy, run a marathon and train with some of Australia's best athletes. Not half bad. Except I'm 16 and can't run anything over 5km before dying.


This Is My Angry Face >: [

My brother was caught skipping school again. You know, it wouldn't be so bad if he was any good at it, but he keeps getting caught. It makes me want to punch him in the face. It might not sound like much, but he's shitting on the reputation I've built for our family name, he could at least show some respect.

Good news is we have his phone now. Little shit knew he was a goner, so deleted all his messages before Mum took it. But I'm sure somebody will text him and we'll know just who his twat friends are. If any of them come up to me tomorrow, I swear I will punch them in the face (okay, maybe the chest).

But it didn't piss me off as much this time, I honestly find it funny.

He skips school on Wednesdays.
He has Maths/Science on Wednesdays.
His Maths/Science teacher is my athletics coach.
I have athletics on Wednesdays.

Can you be any more stupid? Probably. Someone should pay me for being the good son. Oh wait, nvm. Scholarships and bursaries will do that for me. :D



Moar Uni Stuffs

I keep almost falling asleep in my lecture. It's not boring, it's just the air con is sucking the energy out of me. I'm going to have to have one ear phone in so I can focus, because doing the clicking thing will make me look like an idiot :D

I seem to be winning respect too, people don't look down at me anymore :D It's not that I'm an idiot or anything, I just still have that kiddy feel to me. I'm trying to act casual while still being all grown up, and it seems to be working. Don't ask why I'm trying to act different, I just am xD

There's some people in my class that I know from somewhere. I don't remember where, possibly athletics, possibly Glasshouse Primary School. It would be really cool if I could figure it out and then point it out, but I've got nothing xD



Writer's Block: First Things First

Who (or what) do you consider to be your first love?



Reporting In

I have so many assignments and exams and things to do. And even though I have a school camp, they aren't giving us any extra time. It's so crap, but I just cba to hand in extension forms. And it would be appreciated if my brother could take a break from talking to his almost-drop-outs-but-not-cool-enough friends and GTFO of my way and give me the computer.

I'm really excited for the end of the year already though. I'm ranked in the top 2 in almost all my classes, top 4 at worst. Which makes me feel so much better about my possible OP score. Full time uni looks more inviting every day.

Training is coming along well too, I had a great session last night and went for a run this afternoon. 1k up and down hills, and it was about four and a half minutes, which isn't too bad a time. It's good to see that my fitness is building up again.

Someone said something very surprising to me yesterday, it changed my whole perspective on life. I hope I can maintain the positive attitude into the future because I feel pretty good.

I watched a documentary on Japan and Article 9, the part of the constitution that prohibits them from having a military. It was a good insight, I knew a bit but this has opened my eyes. It would be so much better if we all had an Article 9.

Yeah, I think I'm done.



If you knew that a friend's significant other was cheating on him or her, would you tell your friend the truth or keep it to yourself?
Truth. It hurts, but better than getting 10 years down the track with marriage and kids and then going, "Oh shi-!"


Today was really fun. Went to the plaza with a Nick, Josh, Kristie, Lachlan and TJ. We watched Duplicity, which wasn't bad but nothing spectacular.

Lachlan and TJ bought a suit each, because they wanted to. I climbed the multi-story carpark, then jumped down (only from the first floor to the ground). I was in a very jumpy mood, and acted as such.

We went into Myer and left photos of us being creepy. Kristie would take the photo of herself, and Josh and I would hide in the background and look like stalkers. It was great fun, and we stuck one on a big screen :D

Okay, back to the good stuff. There was some random guy on the bus home who we chatted to. He was real friendly and had a lot of things in common with us. It made the day that much better, and actually sealed it as a good day. Unless something else tries to ruin it xD

Writer's Block: Take Your Chances

Do you think people deserve second chances?
Sometimes. I occasionally give second chances to people that don't deserve them, because I like to have a little faith in people.

People deserve second chances. It's not our fault we're a flawed species.


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